Solgw scalper

I got my old Daisy PowerLine 880 from out of storage. It's from around 1995. I have the original scope that came with it, but the scope sucks. Original scope is a tasco 4x15. I can't zero the scope. Couldn't zero the scope when I got the gun new, still can't. Any recommendations brand/model scope? What do I need to look out for when buying a scope? Lol nice shot. I could spend hours sitting by the fire pit outside with some cold beers and a Daisy Powerline 880 open sites watching my woodpile. The Daisy 880 is by far my favorite bb gun. They are powerful and durable. The scope that comes with the gun isn't the best, I don't even use it. I just upgraded the front sight to a fiber optic sight that I bought on Amazon. The fiber optic sight is an amazing up grade from the scoop or painted sights.

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